Creating a Winning Exhibit!

A company’s show exhibit is a marketing opportunity – the chance to make a great first impression on buyers and convince them to come to your booth. It is also a vital part of an effective and integrated marketing effort. Since the chance to grab a potential customer's attention passes quickly for an exhibitor (about three seconds is all you get), the right booth design is critical. In addition, an exhibitor’s return on investment is dependent upon the booth’s effectiveness! Exhibits can be utilized to introduce new products, introduce or reinforce a brand, or generate market recognition of an already established product or service. Here are some tips for achieving the perfect blend of design and effectiveness to get the most out of your exhibit:

Have a professional looking sign with your company's name on it to make your booth look reputable.

Design your booth so it looks professional. Keep it neat, organized and without boxes out in the open.

Make your booth easy for visitors to navigate without feeling crowded, and remove any barriers between yourself and your audience.

Don't eat in your booth where customers can see you. Never have food on a display table, or where an attendee can see or smell it.

Take advantage of the long term benefits of doing the show by having business cards and brochures readily available so customers may contact you after the show.

Don't sit in your booth.

Always look interested in talking to visitors and answering their questions. In other words, do sales.

Keep the message simple so as not to overload visitors with information.

Use signs and graphics to focus attendees attention on your message.

Use product demonstrations for visitor memorability. Be sure they tie in with your product's message.

Address the needs of the target audience.

Consider offering giveaways or promotional products to convey your message in a way that ties in with the exhibit’s theme.

Think integrated marketing; brand your exhibit through your promotional activities.

Use a professional looking table cover.

Display your guarantee policy to give the consumer the confidence to purchase from you.

Display your products in a marketable manner.

Help the attendee feel that you are more interested in a long term relationship than just a quick sale.

Put one of each product on your display so attendees can focus on what you are selling and not be overwhelmed by clutter.

If you implement these suggestions you are sure to have a more successful and profitable exhibit in the show.