Exchange/Return Policy

There is no charge to enter the show for a return or exchange only, based on the following conditions:

1. You need to have the item being returned and a receipt.

2. The receipt needs to have the exhibitor's name on it and the date needs to correspond to one of our last two shows.

The LA Computer Fair is a mall like environment. Each of the exhibitors inside is independently owned and operated. You should receive a sales receipt with the name, address, and phone number of the exhibitor with every purchase.

Make certain you have a copy of all warranty information before leaving the show. Your sales receipt will allow for West Coast Expos, Inc. to assist you in locating an exhibitor should you have a problem with your purchase.

West Coast Expos, Inc. does its best to screen exhibitors prior to their participation in our show; however, on occasion less than scrupulous people will manage to exhibit in the show and we would appreciate your assistance in calling our attention to those individuals.

West Coast Expos, Inc. is not responsible for the items sold or claims made by any exhibitor participating in the LA Computer Fair.